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Path Of Exile: 5 Pro Tips For The Marauder Class

  • With seemingly every class casting magic, raising minions, and becoming stealthy backstabs it is possible to role for any character with all of the strength with no intelligence or dexterity in Path of Exile. Can a class decide to go with all the meat with no vegetables but still expect to survive? Is there a devoted world for raw tanks, wild barbarians, and pure physical harm to flourish? The Marauder answers that question having a resounding "Yes!"

    Yet for most people first playing the Marauder, it feels a lot more like a resounding "No!" Though the Marauder focuses mostly on strength and physical skills, it doesn't mean that he's simple. There seem to be more builds with this class than just about any in the game. Messing up a build, a little bit can change the experience right into a catastrophe. Here are some tips in the pros in Path of Exile so the Marauder lives as much as his fullest potential.

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    5. Pile On The Fire Damage

    On the top, many elemental effects and ailment appliers look great on the Marauder. While veterans are off doing Ruthless mode, it may be easy for rookies to get rid of focus and mix elemental effects altogether.

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    Because spellcasting isn't a strength of the Marauder, it is best to limit the main focus to a single element after which to go wild by using it. Because of the benefits of the Chieftain Ascendancy, fire is the preferred selection of high-tier players.

    4. Get Blood Magic

    It transpires with every amateur Marauder player; they will be so near to finishing off a difficult boss. Then, suddenly, their mana will go out during the last half. Marauders possess some great spells, they're a great solo class to experience, however, it's not good if they can't cast their skills.

    Blood Magic borrows in the life pool and removes the mana pool entirely. While this may appear dangerous, take into consideration that the Marauder includes a huge pool of life and numerous methods to leech that health back. Generally speaking, it's worth the investment.

    3. A Warning About The Crit Build

    Critical strikes are often thought of as a Witch, Ranger, or Shadow thing. There's a reason behind that. Those classes have plenty of natural boosts to get critical strikes and dexterity and intelligence assist the odds of scoring a vital blow. Critical hits might help gamers capture beasts.

    Those who wish to do a crit build using the Marauder must build their gear, passive skills, and gems in a manner that stacks attack speed and never other usual Marauder statistics. This is a valid build, however, it will require more work before catching as much as the other classes which have a natural advantage within this department.

    2. Try Area Of Effect Support Gems

    Although most sections of effect support gems are associated with intelligence active skill gems, plenty will even support strength active skill gems. These are incredible for that Marauder as Earthquakes, Sweeps, along with other surrounding spells are recommended.

    1. Lead The Way

    Path Of Exile Marauder Leading The Way For A Party

    Barring an absurd Templar or one of the best Witch builds, the Marauder may be the toughest member of the group. Being in advance is critical to success. Spellcasters and squishy classes will discover themselves getting pulverized without somebody strong using the attention of the enemies.

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