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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Unlocking The Gold Secrets Of Karazhan

  • In this informative guide, we reveal the key to AOE gold farming in Karazhan, a method that’s ideal for the upcoming Phase 3 expenses like Epic Gems, Crusader Orbs, BOEs, and GDKPs. Diving into this lucrative strategy, I am sure you can modify your gold-making game in front of Trial from the Crusader.

    How To Get To Karazhan?

    My favorite method of getting to Karazhan would be to take a portal to Orgrimmar. Then, I go ahead and take the Blasted Lands portal and I ride completely up. Once you finally arrive at the door, should you don’t possess a key, you’ll need to wait for another person to open the doorway. I’ve put a macro on the screen that I press before I go into the portal. This macro enables you to enter rates completely solo the fundamentals.

    First, I want to begin my Boomkin, where I can make about 600 gold each hour and then later, I’ll demonstrate a more advanced version utilizing a Paladin that may make around 700 gold each hour. The beauty of this gold farming is you can take this as relaxed as you would like to with any DPS glass, that you can do each pull individually or combine them. You could do five lockouts an hour or so or just a couple of. It’s your decision.

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    Starting our first lockout on my small Boomkin, I always prefer to rocket boat in the stairs. Though depending on how fast you get rid of the mobs, you might like to save your cooldowns. It’s really all as much as feel. So, considering the first main room, the number of backs you pull will be based entirely on your class.

    My main goal would be to line up my cooldowns to blow in the Elite Packs between the easier packs. Once the very first room’s clear, I move into Moroes’s room. I’m really careful to not pull any extra Elites since the Elites around the walls are far too strong and tanky in Moroes’s room. I just pull each pack individually. Be careful to not pull Moroes. There’s no way you can sell them.

    After I clear his room, I just rock a boot to head upstairs, however, I start working around the upper floor. Again, should you not have a very strong DPS class, you don’t wish to pull multiple packs at the same time. I’m really careful to split up the Elite Packs and I used my cooldowns in it once the upper floor is apparent. I prefer to stealth past the Skeletal Ushers.

    If you’re not a cool Druid much like me, you can just get rid of the Ushers. In the theater room itself, I prefer to clear the room in 2 poles. It’s just very hard to clear everything in one pull for any Boomkin for reasons unknown.

    So, at this time, should you have another account, you can just reset the instance and go again or, in my case, I just run out and jump from the balcony. I did approximately 80 to 110 WOTLK Classic Gold per run. So, that’s about 500 gold each hour.

    These runs just take about ten minutes each that releases an extra 10 minutes each hour to do whatever gold farming method you would like. In my case, I prefer to switch over to an alt account and begin doing some flips.