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Get The Butcher's Cleaver Unique Item in Diablo 4 Beta

  • There will vary types of item rarity/qualities in Diablo 4's Open Beta, from Common to Legendary drops, you can find a lot. Then, you will discover Unique items, the "god drops" of diablo 4 items, plus the beta, you may get one of them; The Butcher's Cleaver.

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    This guide explains how you can obtain The Butcher's Cleaver unique item in Diablo 4's Open Beta, alongside the stats and power in this fantastic weapon great for the Barbarian class, so we will all scream "Fresh Meat!" and acquire started.

    At the time of writing, there's only one method of getting The Butcher's Cleaver in diablo 4 items. It is also the only real known Unique item drop in the Open Beta, turning it into a sought-after item for just about any class that could use it, specifically the Barbarians.

    You will be needing Bul Kathos to compliment your hand (obtain it?) and look for then slay an infrequent, random spawn boss. You guessed it; you will be needing to find and beat The Butcher by farming some of the 23 side dungeons in Fractured Peaks.

    The Butcher is a challenging boss, also it despawns when you die. Furthermore, it's going to despawn when you take too much time to kill it. Then, after you have finally killed The Butcher in Diablo 4's Open Beta, there's merely a tiny possibility to get The Butcher's Cleaver Unique item drop...

    As you will notice from the image above, The Butcher's Cleaver can be an Axe with Slashing Damage. Its Lucky Hit power on Critical Strikes features a 100% possibility to Fear and Slow (70%) enemies for four (4) seconds!

    Hopefully, the following information will help more Diablo 4 Open Beta players gather the Unique item The Butcher's Cleaver. It has incredible stats and may make everything else in Fractured Peaks very simple to handle.

    We will seek to update this short article if any more information about this Unique item opens up.