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The most memorable event of February

  • There's Hogwarts Legacy Starfield, Diablo 4 and more However, it's not a bad idea to Diablo IV Gold turn our minds back to the best PC games from 2022. As Christmas is drawing to a close , and fireworks appear on the horizon, we've decided to take the liberty of gathering some of the year's biggest news events in one location - after all, what's not to love when you can indulge in a little nostalgia?

    Some of the biggest things to have come out of January was Blizzard's announcement that a brand new game set within an "all brand new world" is in the works that will add yet another tie to the Diablo WoW creator's metaphorical bow. It wasn't the sole one to announce something entirely new but Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment also revealed that it's developing a third-party triple A shooter.

    To top it all off, turn-based strategy game fans were thrilled to hear about the creation of a new studio run by the Doom and XCOM team, who have teamed up to bring more strategy to the ever-growing genre.

    The most memorable event of February was, of course, Elden Ring. As a result, it was touted as one the top FromSoftware games of all time, the RPG game shot to the top of the charts, as players competed from all over the world, to save the original item.

    In addition to Elden Ring, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG brought ARPG/MMO hybrid Lost Ark to the West after a hugely successful launch in Korea. Although server queues were ablaze and players frequently lost the desire to play, the game has blossomed following its launch, and now has several exciting classes and zones. Dying Light 2 also deserves a quick mention; after the fact, what cheap Diablo 4 Gold player doesn't like the thrill of killing zombies?