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The playable build starts off in Fractured Peaks

  • In-game guides, achievements and activity trackers pour in rewards as Diablo IV Gold you explore the game's vast array of systems. There are some innovative features here which the mainline Diablo games may want to replicate, like the build guide, which suggests the use of equipment and skills for you to build.

    Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy," said Rod Fergusson director of general management for Diablo. "These are both very dark subjects and darker themes that are popular. We thought that this was an opportunity to kind of accept Diablo's roots, and bring it into the spotlight and make it more mainstream."

    The one who sets the tone for this darker world is the principal character, Lilith. Lilith is the daughter Mephisto which is one of the Big Evils and is referred to as"the Mother of Sanctuary, the world where the Diablo series takes place.

    Instead of previous games that was a gradual building up to the boss that is the source of all the evil in all of the universe, Blizzard set Lilith up ahead from the beginning of the cutscene.

    The playable build starts off in Fractured Peaks, with my hero's horse being killed and leaving him in a cave by himself for the night. From the caves emerged the first destination, Nevesk, a very small town that isn't exactly as they appear.

    Lilith is already making an impact on the people in the town but her real power lies in her ability to make people indulge in their dark side. This was the first interaction my character was able to have with other NPCs, and it was clear that the creators would like to give the hero more role in the story, by giving them their own dialogue and also cheap Diablo 4 Gold playing roles in the cutscenes.