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The End of the Road and Why It's Good to Leave it All Behind..

  • This past Friday, my lady and I decided to cut out of work early and go for a hike in the mountain.  

    For the last 2 and a half years, we have been climbing the same mountain, but have never made it to the top.

    As time goes on and we continue to train at these altitudes, our endurance finally came to a place where we could handle an attempt at the top.

    After almost three hours of hiking up, we finally came to the end of the trail and the top of the mountain.

    What was waiting for us stunned and humbled us as we were not expecting the trail to end in such a small little slice of heaven.

    To be surrounded by nature that is so old and beautiful and powerful is a dream of way to end a stressful work week!

    The walls of the cliffs were 70 feet high on either side and there was a smaller waterfall right above the bigger waterfall right in front of us.

    Look at how the trees are growing at the top of the cliffs and how the roots grow straight down the rock face on either side:

    My woman showed me a new photo option that allows you to photograph a whole area and get a hyper panoramic view.

    Check this out:

    Ain't technology a beautiful thing?!?

    Speaking of beautiful things, working hard is a beautiful thing.  Also a beautiful thing is taking time away from work and technology and putting yourself at the mercy of nature and a new adventure.

    I encourage everyone reading this to make sure to take time for ourselves.  Do what we love.  Enjoy life.  Take risks and embrace adventure.  Push yourself harder every time and challenge ourselves to be the best we can!

    Oh yeah, and when you get there, don't be afraid to take it all off and leave the troubles of the world behind

    Life is an adventure.  Let's live it to the fullest!!!