afa stainlesskb's Album: Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers

Today, Afa kitchen faucets manufacturers teach you the knowledge of cleaning taps. 1. Uneven water or small water: It may be because the faucet mouth (water outlet or bubbler), due to water quality problems, the water stains inside are gathered in the mouth of the net; the solution is: take out the water outlet, Wash with a used toothbrush; Another possibility is that the water stains block the water inlet hose of the faucet. The solution is to take out the water inlet hose and clean it. 2. can not hold the water: must be a problem with the valve core, you can take out the red and blue signs, use the hex tool to remove the faucet handle, replace the valve core. 3. the chrome layer on the surface of the faucet becomes flower or water mist: the method is to wipe off the water with a dry rag, and it can be cleaned with vinegar. information about kitchen faucets manufacturers :