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Bradley Chubb had the best rookie season from

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    November 13, 2019 1:14 AM PST

    It not hyperbole to say I probably wouldn be writing about the NFL today if it wasn for Football Outsiders. Way back in the summer of 2004, I had just bought my first Al Wilson jersey and spent the summer at the local bookstore gobbling up every single about football I could get my hands on. Calling it obsessed doesn do my frenzy justice. Which is how I first stumbled upon Football Outsiders Pro Football Prospectus.It took me a week to read it cover to cover and the pages got dog eared as I went back over all of the different analysis leading up to training camp. Some of the conclusions blew me away: running the ball didn lead to victory so much as it was what you did to ice a win, gaining 2 yards on 3rd and 1 was more valuable than 4 yards on 2nd and 10. To say Aaron Schatz and his team at FO have impacted my entire outlook on football is merely a fact. So to have a chance to speak with Schatz and Brian Knowles about this year NFL preview and the upcoming season was a true joy. Our interview has been lightly edited. You can find the PDF of Football Outsider Broncos Preview here.1st and 10MHR: In the Football Outsiders Almanac, Bryan Knowles mentions how Fangio defense utilizes a 3 technique. I was wondering if he/you had any thoughts on Shelby Harris, who Sports Info Solutions credited with 11.5 pressures last year in just 390 total snaps. What are the odds he can maintain or surpass his pass rush productivity in a bigger roleKnowles: Harris chances of improving on his raw production numbers kind of depends on how well Derek Wolfe and especially Adam Gotsis performs early on. Assuming they hold out well, most of Harris snaps will likely come at the 0- or 1-tech role, and that not a spot that comes with a ton of pass-rush productivity potential in a Fangio scheme. Last year, that was Eddie Goldman role in Chicago; a very good pass rusher on the inside. He had 13 pressures in 552 total snaps. The year before, he had 15 on 609. If you go back to Fangio San Francisco days, youe talking guys like Ian Williams and Isaac Sopoaga clogging up the middle; they didn have huge pressure totals, either. That doesn mean Harris won be effective; he going to be serious trouble for teams to handle up the middle. He should have more than his 1.5 sacks from a year ago; he too talented not to. It just seems more likely that hel create opportunities for Wolfe, Gotsis and Dreont Jones rather than becoming more productive himself Now, if there problems with one of those ends, Harris can take that role and do well in it, but seems more like a plan B at the moment.I still can't believe Shelby Harris didn't play 400 snaps last season. Dude is going to feast this year.