However he has just 4 summoning, barrows gloves

  • My ideal range setup would be: Complete void ranger. Doregshunn cbow / Rune crossbow. Broad / Bone bolts (Broad demand 50 slayer). Unholy book / Book of Balance. Snakeskin boots. Accumulator. And find a monster into safespot. Or OSRS gold if you are doing yaks on Neitiznot. Bronze knives, cost 14gp each, therefore 14,000gp per 1,000 knives. Can get 99 range with around 50,000 of these.

    Ok so I will start playing runescape a little because that pk upgrade is going to be published, and I'm selling my wii which means I won't have a game system for a little while. So I logged in my primary consideration (zammadothix) and I have 68m value of stuff on him, and he's 128 combat, but has 75 summoning. So I then logged on my own level 88 rune pure (gielinor kin), and all he has is a whip, 300k, a few rune armor, berserker helm, bunch of glories, d scimmy etc, etc..

    However he has just 4 summoning, barrows gloves, 84 power (plan on getting 85 today maybe), 73 attack (gonna receive 75), and just 45 defense. So since I am just starting back to pk fairly much, I determined that I will use gielinor kin rather than zammadothix. I left gielinor kin member, but It's been a real long time since I played him, or in any respect. So I really want some help with making money. So are the aviansies, which I can't stand killing anyway.

    Plus I've 45 defense so I can not do them on gielinor kin without prayer potions that's costly. I then thought about black dragons, but I would have to use way too much ammo killing them since I'm just 72 ranged. I could use the dragon halberd but that could only take forever. I then thought about selling all my stuff, buying mage gear and runes, and going to kill metal dragons, but I don't want to risk all my stuff and take a shot at getting nothing. I actually just want to make money with battle, because I am not interested in cheap RS gold coaching any skill except for combat on him, and that I certainly am not planning to collect raw materials, its way too dull and does not increase any skills. With that said, do you guys have some recommendations for earning money? I believed making tele tabs was a very intriguing idea which I got off the official forums but I am not sure whether it is a fantastic money maker. So yeah I need ideas.