The ability to conquer a level 111 Ice Queen

  • Hunting - Its pretty easy to level and can get 99 in 6 weeks. Red chinchompas (64 Hunter) market well. 85+ Kill abyssal demons (Whip drops) Other monsters such as Cave horros ( black mask drop ) and abberant spectors ( High Lvl Herb drops ) & Skeletal wyverns ( granite Legs Drop ) Are also good for RuneScape gold money Making drops. Fletching - Eventually make yew longbows ( And alch them ) Same with magic Longbows.

    Runecrafting - Get 44+ To make character runes ( for alching bows with fletching ) Making the character runes your self and fletching the bows yourself is a excellent way to make a profit from skilling. Farming - Eventually becomes profitable in the run long and can be used together with herblore to eventually earn a gain ( from herblore ) But nowadays the herblore porift is extremely minor Herblore - Cheap way to do herblore is to complete the quest which permits you to make serum 207 ( I forget the quest ) This potion, in complete, prices around 300gp to create only one ( where as other potions price approximately 3k+ to make ). All u need is Tarromin 200gp + Ashes 10gp + Water filled vial 90gp. This is a inexpensive way to level herblore.

    Well, I've now lost the energy to sort. Bear in mind, you'll need to level alot of membership skills until you can do any of the quests or wear a few of the items I've listed above, Most of my listing is for the long term before you, A little into your membership Life. Hope I helped, I am Out.

    You should get abyssal whip, it is the"fundamental" weapon in members, costing about 1,5M and having 70 assault. For cash, enter 19-23 wilderness with dragonfire shield, in eastern wildy is green dragon pit, then kill people for bones and hides. For ring slot, buy ring of wealth, to increase rare drops, amulet is glory amulet, until you buy 3,3M for fury amulet, cape should be obsidian cape at first, for boots, purchase dragon for 370k or rune for 40k.

    Fremennik isles pursuit rewards you with a great helmet adding all kinds of bonuses. For other quests, do those that unlock new teleports like watchtower, ardougne etc.. You also will need to start fairy tale part two, this gives you access to the most significant teleporting network in the sport, making traveling much simpler. Tree gnome village gives access to spirit trees, you will find 4 of them in handy areas, they teleport to Best OSRS Gold site eachother. The expansive tree pursuit gives access to gnome gliders, yet another useful way to get around. So here is my question. What should I wear? I've a range mage accounts and dont klnow what I need to wear to look great in and things to train in my stats are...