Complain or They're conditioned to hate about any items.

  • I spoke in general. I leave or could take the shot meter. But if you or anyone is mad over something really simple like a shot meter then that is on you. After playing with it for x quantity of time it will be like any other shot meter. Or turn it off. Back to my point tho, they'll make solid gameplay adjustments for 2K MT the better and ppl will whine until it's reverted back to shit. Honestly what a dumb thing to whine about. To what you need in 20, you can already change your shot meter, it is not like you are gonna be made to use the new one in case you truly hate it so bad.

    Complain or They're conditioned to hate about any items. It could literally be currys eyebrows being away in a trailer in august plus they would bitch about it. It does not matter what it's. 2K for a company has plenty of flaws and some of the community's criticisms are warranted but once I see people bitch and moan about little stuff like this all the time it almost invalidates the component of the community that attempts to provide real feedback.

    I always give game publishers the benefit of the doubt and continue to encourage them by purchasing their games depending on how they behave to encourage said future or game franchise releases. In the event the publisher pisses me off or constantly ignores the community feedback in future releases and patches, I stop encouraging them and stop buying or playing their games. Players that are active are seen by them, and game earnings clearly speak for themselves. I guarantee that when every single person who complains about NBA 2K21 ceased playing it everyday, and didnt instantly pre-order or buy the subsequent season's copy and paste variant on day 1, they would see a good deal more of the negative feedback making it in to NBA 2K21. Like the EA/Activision controversy about trades that are micro, loot boxes, and pay to win. They also fixed the issues, and saw their earnings fall.

    They crack in a complaint and completely revamp NBA 2K21 to appeal to worse players. I left a two dimensional slasher at the start of the year but then I thought"if the top shooters are going to Buy NBA 2K MT be shooting a 40% could reside with 1 defensive badge" and went with a extremely aggressive slashing playmaker. Week rolls around and we got anybody with half a mind with virtually any construct shooting out lights. Go with your gut. When you've got a decent grasp on metas of 2K you can easily make a judgement on what's going to be viable all year.