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  • What is DeFi Yield Farming?

      Yield Farming - Latest Hype Bubble in DeFi and blockchain 

      Yield Farming is the process of putting their crypto tokens like liquidity to protocol in a decentralized finance (DeFi) market to earn interest or form of fees or incentives. Yield Farming takes place on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a way to earn passive income on Ethereum.  

      Key Points of DeFi Yield Farming: 

      1. Yield farming is the way of gaining a return on capital by initiate it for productive use 

      2. Money markets offer the easiest way to gain reliable yields on your crypto 

      3. Liquidity pools have better gain than money markets, and anlayze to avoid the market risk. 

      4. Incentive schemes can sweeten the deal, giving yield farmers an added reward and bonus.

    Our DeFi Dapp & Smartcontract Development for Yield Farming:

    Our DApps run on a smart contract blockchain and offer all the benefits of a peer-to-peer network.Coinjoker's DeFi dapps are characterized by speed, efficiency, and the security of heavy encryption for your yield farming implementation.  

    We use inbuilt and customized smart contracts (as per your requirements) to execute transactions in the blink of an eye, triggering instantly, as soon as pre-set conditions are met. Using our open-source code, they are totally transparent, publishing transactions on the network, you can identify Our DeFi Dapp and Smartcontract service with the best rates and confirm the state of their reserves. 

    Most of these protocols go through proper smart contract audits. security audits does eliminate risks completely. 

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