Acceleration ratings are meaningless in Madden

  • Except JJ Arcega-Whiteside had 99 acc and Alshon went to Madden nfl 21 coins practice style with 2 receivers with height and weight and ratings had 0. Alshon on the right is about one step short of where Arcega-Whiteside is about his side of the field. This was All-pro with speed parity set to 25. Here's the picture in reference. JJ also feels smoother coming out of moves, Alshon takes hitting his next gear. Interesting! I am guessing they're running In routes here? Do their route running ratings compare? In getting the players run in a straight line my goal was to eliminate as many variables as you can, but it seems like I'll need to make a followup video to check into a great deal of things, this!

    Low Acc RBs do not have second/third gear and it shows when they get hawked back on extended runs.I always felt just like my taller backs get caught less often. Idk it just believes that way.Someone mentioned height being a element in the YouTube comments, I think I will need to look to it at a upcoming video! Take my word for this, my 6 ft encircle with 90 90 speed and acceleration get captured less then a Phillip Lindsey type back. But that's only if they reach full stride.

    Testing players doesn't use acceleration ratings as much as it employs the launch evaluations. Yeah that's what I had been thinking, he's gotta factor in launch, cause for a RB Henderson probably has a RLS, plus I wonder whether DRR variables in on 9 paths too. However, do release evaluations apply here? I will be honest I am not 100% certain what discharge evaluations do, however according to one user on Google:"Release is how effective your recipients (RB/WR/TE) are contrary to media coverage. The greater your release score, the better you are able to beat press coverage" Came here to say this as well. if anything I would presume the HB would allow it to be there later on a path. It matters when you've ball in hand and you do some jukes ect.

    A similar test was run by me a couple of months ago and reached a different decision. You are right that you are not going to have the ability to tell the difference between a guy with like 95 accel and 87 accel. But if you do an evaluation between two men keeping everything else constant having one participant with the other as well as 1 acceleration with 99 acceleration there is a difference. That you will have the ability to tell the difference, if you go to enjoy 70 vs 99 accel. Obviously thats entirely impractical and would not ever be something you would experience, yet to say acceleration evaluations are"literally meaningless" is a bit of a reach. I agree that they do not mean that much.

    I love the feedback guy! I guess it never crossed my mind to adjust the participant ratings to test the ends of the spectrum, but it is likely worth look into in the future. With regards to 70 vs 99 accel, that was really why I showed that we could forecast the separation based on their pace, even though their acceleration ratings were and put the Tyreek Hill vs Nick O'Leary test in there. But you are right, a more accurate name would likely be"acceleration evaluations have a negligible impact", but that's not likely to cheap mut coins madden 21 catch people's attention as readily!