Jagex Has An Attitude Problem: Looking at their Replies

  • This might be the section, so allow me to OSRS gold start with a disclaimer. I believe Jagex are a remarkably gifted and enthusiastic staff -- and I am quite thankful for their efforts. HOWEVER, while fire is great in doses, it becomes problematic as it gives way to defensiveness. I believe Jagex staff were overly-defensive of these proposals, which has, in turn, resulted in a disconnect using the player-base regarding the management of RuneScape. All these are evident in the tone-deaf response of Jagex.

    The initial blog post. Very few criticisms here, although, as mentioned, I found it odd that Jagex acknowledged how overpowered these proposals were (such as the since-scrapped proposal the slayer boss use to raids), and still made the proposals anyhow. I get that Jagex is trying to test-the-waters, but it appears they would even try with these types of proposals. Additionally, while I love Mod Arcane's enthusiasm and passion, the entire article came off as very presumptuous (e.g., this upgrade is occurring, get excited people).

    And while it is fine to hear bossing is Mod Arcane's"favorite thing to do," awarded the following responses by Jagex, it gives credence to the thought that Jagex is placing their personal prejudice before the wants of the participant base. Changes to RuneScape should NOT revolve around a specific moderator(s)' pet project. The response on Reddit has been unequivocal: WE DON'T WANT THIS.

    Replies to feedback. Really where Jagex has screwed up this is. After lecturing a few of the posters not to stress and that their feedback would be considered in changes, Jagex issued. The issue here is this suggestion that is overpowered and meta-shifting was. I browse the posts on the Slayer Proposal. The Slayer Helmet was the #1 complaint. Jagex ignored it, which is an insult to our intelligence.

    In the same way, Jagex's provided"concessions," if they can even be called that, do not solve any of the core problems. Great, you fought the concept that the slayer helmet should use to Olm, which was an INSANE suggestion that was doomed on arrival (and that you even acknowledged from the Blog Post was controversial ). Another"concessions" have also concerned smaller problems that don't address the participant base's core complaints. Jagex: you've got a issue that is messaging and buy 2007 runescape gold a disconnect problem. This makes the players nervous.