How Animal Crossing players protect themselves from pirates

  • The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is often positive. Players will share and trade fruits (for example, my peach is orange) and DIY recipes on social media. However, the New Horizons summer update allows players to accidentally splash into the ocean, which leaves a loophole for misbehaving visitors.

    If tourists jump from the airport terminal into the sea, they can swim around any roadblock. Soon after the update, participants active in the trading community realized this risk and began to look for solutions. Others hope that Nintendo will be able to repair its ability to completely break away from the dock.

    New Horizons participants are working hard to solve the problem. provides players with high-quality ACNH Bells and other hot-selling products. Players can purchase with confidence according to their needs.

    Some players have "bodyguards" that help maintain order. Other players make exquisite fences on their islands, so they can easily manage visitors without risking others running around. Many players are not necessarily worried about the destruction of their islands, but they are uneasy about the destruction of trust by these bad actors.

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