How to catch the monarch butterfly get Animal Crossing Bells?

  • Animal Crossing: There are many beautiful butterflies in New Horizons. Monarch butterflies glow brightly at night. You can donate them to museums, or sell them to Bells or even Flick in exchange for realistic models.

    The monarch butterfly you caught can be exchanged for high-priced Nook Miles Tickets in Cranny. Animal Crossing Bells and other items provided on are almost all from high-risk and high-yield players.

    Monarch Butterfly is a unique insect that now appears on islands around the world. According to GameWith, players with two hemispheres can catch Monarch Butterfly between December and March, and then between June and September Catch the Monarch Butterfly again. The butterfly has a chance to appear at any time between 5 pm. And at 8 am.

    The monarch butterfly is a medium insect. It is larger than the yellow or ordinary butterfly in the game, but not as large as Queen Alexandra's bird wings. You can look for videos online to see how the Monarch Butterfly is flying.

    The monarch butterfly is a precious insect. Everyone competes for 4000 bells in Nook's Cranny. Since this insect appears in several months of the year, you should have enough time to catch a lot of insects and make the bells crack!

    Of course, the price of the monarch butterfly is very attractive, but you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on is also very cost-effective, the price is also very attractive, and very convenient.