That Means Players Will Probably Start over in POE2


    Introduced as a member of Metamorph League, a brand new crafting system will enable players to affect the quality of their jewelry that is armed with catalysts, which are. These catalysts have the ability to supercharge mods boosting capabilities and their power. These changes aim to increase the issue of POE Currency towards its endgame in an effort to increase player participation and create new challenges for long-time players. Path of Exile Expansion 3.9.0 is set to release on December 13.

    It's a surprise statement for sure, but one that should not divide the neighborhood, as Path of Exile and Path of Exile 2 will coexist under precisely the exact same game, with the former set for some visual improvements to prepare the heart for POE2's arrival.

    That means players will probably start over in POE2. Yes, it actually is a sequel in that way, but it will keep all of the intricate systems that have slowly developed Path of Exile into the very best ARPG ever produced. "We've only spent making expansions for Path of Exile so imagine if we released a Path of Exile 2 plus it was only a bare campaign with none of that excess content."

    To fix this problem, Grinding Gear Games chose to simply assemble Cheap POE orbs two on top of the existing game, allowing players to play either campaign with a shared endgame. It's an idea, but roster through. "Path of Exile two is set twenty years after the defeat of Kitava," explained Wilson, and it will feature its very own seven-Act campaign. Game developer Jonathan Rogers would later offer further insight to the choice to start afresh, mentioning the need to"bring things down to a human level," roughly translated.