The Official Announcement of Path of Exile Two


    Sitting at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand last weekend, also the sensation in the air was palpable. Close had traveled to the island nation for one purpose: POE Currency .At Conquerors of the Atlas there will probably be eight map zones and you may effectively prestige every one by playing through its own maps, tracking down the region's boss, defeating them, and getting a Watchstone. Socket a Watchtone and you can update regions of the map, which is fantastic since it means that you can update some lower-tier maps beyond their standard level. It is fairly complex, so here's a complete breakdown of how the Atlas will work.

    The endgame bosses that are new boast a opportunity to shed new and variants of service gems. At their very first degree they're more powerful than a degree 20 support gem -- there are approximately 35 of them to earn throughout Conquerors of the Atlas. We've already seen a few of these, such as the Fork Plus Service, which adds an additional fork to projectiles, which basically fills the display with arrows using one button press.

    What would there be a new expansion with no loot that is rare to chase? The new endgame mod pool now has a lot of affected rare items, allowing mods from special pools. Two of those things can fuse to create a hybrid. Plus, with the usage of fresh exalted orbs you can apply some of the new influenced mods to your old gear.On top of the, the 3.9 upgrade also promises 16 new unique items and 14 new Divination cards.

    The installation for the POE Trade Currency  expansion is meta.  Exact information about these changes continue to be cagey, but we understand that there will be five new bow-related stone, rebalances of all bow abilities, fans to a foundation bow kinds, and increased bow damage throughout the progression tree.There's a brand new bow utility skill called Ensnaring Arrow, also Barrage and Arrow Nova support gems so that you can bend your archery art in new ways.