Is There Any Defect In Vegetable Drying Machine

  • (1) Strong adaptability and wide application As Vegetable Drying Machine uses jacket heating and high vacuum exhaust, it is suitable for almost all materials with different properties and different states, especially for drying explosive, easily oxidized and pasty materials.
    (2) The product quality is good. As the rake teeth rotate forward and backward continuously during the drying process, the dried materials are stirred evenly to avoid overheating of the materials, moisture is easy to escape, and the shell obtains a low-temperature product.  As the product has fine granularity, it can be packaged without crushing.
    (3) Low steam consumption Due to the fact that vegetable drying equipment uses steam to feed into the jacket and uses latent heat to heat materials, the steam consumption per kilogram of finished products is relatively small, generally 1.3-1.8㎏ steam.
    (4) According to the different characteristics and requirements of the dried materials, the sealing system of the dryer can choose packing seal and mechanical seal. The special design ensures the sealing performance and service life.
    (5) Easy to Operate Vegetable Drying Equipment Easy to Operate, Less Staffing, Low Labor Intensity.  As the loss of material escape is reduced, environmental sanitation is improved.

    The main disadvantages of Freeze Dry Machine are: complicated structure and high cost.  Due to intermittent operation, drying time is long and strand yield is low.  It is not suitable to change varieties frequently because it is difficult to clear materials.  At the same time, in order to ensure the vacuum degree, the vacuum device must be maintained and overhauled frequently.