Guanfeng Specializes In Producing Freeze Dry Machine

  • Main components of Vegetable Drying Machine:

    1. Vacuum drying chamber with heating device

    (1) heatable and unheated shelves dried in containers

    (2) partition board with sealing device dried in bottle

    (3) Rubber valves connecting round-bottom flasks and wide-neck filter bottles, etc.

    (4) manifold connecting round bottom flask and wide neck filter flask, etc.

    1. Pump for pumping out air and water vapor

    (1) a vacuum pump (equivalent to an air pump) for pumping out gas in the drying chamber

    (2) Icing condenser (equivalent to steam pump) for removing water vapor in drying chamber.  The temperature range is-50℃ to-105℃ (type of unit).

    Zhejiang Guanfeng Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the production and manufacture of Freeze Dry Machine. If you are interested in our products, please leave us a message.